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If you are looking for something special and special, you can go wild in the Art by Daan webshop. All jewelry and art are made from special castings of acrylic paint, combined with the most beautiful materials, 100% unique. Whether you like hypoallergenic stainless steel, silver, freshwater pearls, gold or even diamonds. 

Special jewelry

The hardest thing with earrings is allergies or the weight of the earrings. Are you looking for a special gift and are you not sure about allergies? Then choose stainless steel, this material is hypoallergenic† In addition, the unique earrings from Art by Daan are also lightweight.

Trendy cool, large or small chains, with or without pendants, made of gold or silver, double or steel. My handmade necklaces for special ladies are all exclusive because they are made of hand-painted glass stones. Always a special gift for yourself or a loved one.

What is your favorite arm candy? I make all bracelets by hand and are available in all shapes and sizes, in silver, steel or leather. Choose the material you feel comfortable with.

The nice thing about a beautiful ring is that you can look at it all day long. When you are at work and you tap on your keyboard, when your car is driving. It makes me happy every time. Many rings are adjustable, made of silver or stainless steel and suitable for people with rheumatism or osteoarthritis† Are you looking for something special? Then leave a forging a ring to size.

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Colorful bridal jewelry

Spring and summer are the seasons for getting married. For some it is the day of her life and for others it is a special and above all enjoyable day with family and friends. But however you will experience your wedding day, you as the bride bride will be the beautiful centerpiece. You can of course interpret this centerpiece in different ways. For example with the colorful bridal jewelry from Art by Daan®

Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane (mow-koo-may gone-ay) is an ancient Japanese technique. With this technique you can laminate different types of metals together (not solder) so that the layers of the metals remain visible and you can therefore make different colors. That is also the reason that I immediately fell in love with this technique, because the effect you get also resembles the paintings I make and I thought that was a nice addition to my collection.

Special ash jewelry

Do you always want to carry your deceased loved one with you? Maybe getting a special ashes jewelry or something for you. Dan forge unique ashes jewelry with ashes of the deceased with hand-painted stones. You can choose to have the ashes incorporated into your jewelry visibly or invisibly.

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