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Jewelry with small works of art made of acrylic paint and glass

Jewelry, special & unique

Are you looking for special and unique jewelry of silver or steel for yourself or for a loved one? Daan keeps making new items that you can order in the online webshop: exclusive earrings, a beautiful necklace, a cool bracelet, a special ring or a jewelry set. Also nice to give as a gift! Exclusive jewelry that reflect your identity.

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade from a unique acrylic paint work of art processed in a glass stone. This ensures that each piece of jewelry is 100% unique. An additional advantage is that glass stones lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear. If you can get your hands on a handmade piece of jewelry, you know for sure that you are the only one in the whole world.

Unique, just like you!

Special wide handmade silver ladies ring blue
Handmade blue leather bracelet with yellow stone

Unique jewelry, bracelets for women and men

Whether you like a nice subtle bracelet, a bracelet with precious stones, made of leather, stainless steel, beads or a sturdy silver bracelet? Art by Daan has a wide collection of handmade bracelets. One thing they all have in common, they have hand-painted artwork and are all exclusive and 100% unique. This webshop sells women's bracelets as well as mens bracelets.

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Necklaces, special & unique

Trendy cool, large or small necklaces, with or without pendants, made of gold or silver, double or steel. My handmade necklaces for special ladies are all exclusive and special because they are made with a unique hand-painted acrylic painting cast in a unique stone.

Which is your favorite?

Exclusive silver necklace with large pink stone
Unique jewelry set with pink stones

special and handmade jewelry

Who one of these beautiful handmade unique jewelry buy in my jewelry webshop, you can assume that there is only one in the whole world. The jewelry is selected from a painting, so all unique. With a special technique I cast an acrylic work of art and from this I look for the most beautiful pieces that I clean and place under a piece of glass, I place these in a carefully selected piece of jewelry consisting of a large collection of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. The jewelry is beautiful, hip, special and special because they are made with different materials such as Bijoux, stainless steel, silver, leather, but also precious stones and beads. Incidentally, I do not only have stainless steel jewelry, but also unique silver jewelry.

Special new jewelry 
added to the webshop

Separate earrings

Earrings with stones heavy? The earrings from Art by Daan are made with glass stones and are therefore all lightweight and comfortable to wear. I use glass stones for my earrings or studs that I paint, giving the jewelry a contemporary look. I work with different materials such as silver, stainless steel, steel, gemstones. Today buy earrings online? Then take a quick look at my jewelry webshop.

Special women's ring with moss green stone
Unique hand-forged ring with organic pattern and blue stone

Special handmade rings for ladies & gentlemen

Real silver jewelry handmade

The nice thing about a beautiful ring is that you can look at it all day long. When you are at work and you tap on your keyboard, when your car is driving. It makes me happy every time. Many rings are adjustable, made of silver or stainless steel and suitable for people with rheumatism or osteoarthritis. The jewelry webshop contains special silver rings or handmade rings made of stainless steel. Also take a look at my jewelry sets including rings, earrings & bracelets.

Show how you shine #artbydaan

Large painting of an abstract jellyfish blue with orange

art and paintings

Are you looking for something special for your home or office? The paintings of Art by Daan are real eye-catchers.

unique side tables

These side tables are a real asset to your interior. The tables are cast with acrylic paint and finished with epoxy resin and a unique acrylic paint painting.
Unique side table with gold and blue
Danielle Looije unique jewelry webshop

Danielle Looije, artist and goldsmith from the Westland

I like to make things that I think are too beautiful to give away. That started digitally in 2008 with my advertising agency in the Westland. In recent years my creativity has also developed further on 'paper' and I started working with painting. I had a painting that I thought was so cool that I walked past it every day and thought… What if I could have this with me all day… That's possible! if you have one special piece of jewelry makes of. The nice thing is that every time I am amazed at the beauty of the colors. Take a look around in my webshop and be amazed by the colorful jewelry.

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