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If you are looking for something special and special, you can go wild in the Art by Daan webshopยฎ. All artistic jewelry and art are made from special castings of colorful acrylic paint, combined with the finest materials, 100% unique. 

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Are you looking for colorful and unique jewelry that completes your outfit? Then look no further! I make art jewelry that is made using acrylic paint and glass. As a talented artist, I specialize in creating distinct pieces of jewelry that are each handcrafted and a work of art in itself. Whether you are looking for a statement piece of jewelery or a subtle addition to your outfit, I have something for everyone. Treat yourself or a loved one to a unique piece of art that you won't find anywhere else!


Update your outfit with colorful earrings.

Handmade earrings
Colorful rings


Emphasize your personal style with unique rings.

Handmade bracelets


Separate bracelets for women that complete every outfit.


Shine to the max with my colorful necklaces.

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"What I make I find so cool that I actually want to keep it all for myself..."

About Daan

Most people will describe me as creative, always thinking of innovation in my head. As soon as I finish one thing, I'm already thinking of how I can do it better or differently next time. This keeps me continuously searching for new challenges and developing myself further. I know no limits with regard to content, functionality, color or shape, but I always work with a perfectionistic eye. My specialty is versatility, because routine is deadly for my creativity.

Oh, and by the way, I started doing this because I felt it was time to follow my heart after having two burnouts. So if you need a rush, don't call me <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="" src="">

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I regularly write blogs about what keeps me busy or informative information about (wearable) art. You can find this on the website under the section 'Blogs'.

Long earrings with stones colorful

The advantages of long earrings with stones

Long earrings with stones are not only elegant and stylish, they can also elongate and accentuate your face. Because of the length they add to your neck, long earrings create a slimmer look. They are especially suitable for people with a round or heart-shaped face, as they balance the contours of the face.

Large striking oval gold ring with purple stone handmade

A big ring fits everyone ๐Ÿ’

There are people who think, because they have small or wide hands, for example, that wearing a large ring is not beautiful. But nothing is less true. A large ring fits every type of hand. You just have to experience what embellishes your hand and what doesn't.