The advantages of long earrings with stones

Long earrings with stones colorful
Long earrings with stones are not only elegant and stylish, they can also elongate and accentuate your face. Because of the length they add to your neck, long earrings create a slimmer look. They are especially suitable for people with a round or heart-shaped face, as they balance the contours of the face.
Studio Art by Daan
A goldsmith works exclusively with gold, a silversmith works exclusively with silver and a goldsmith works with both, right?
Large striking oval gold ring with purple stone handmade
There are people who think, because they have small or wide hands, for example, that wearing a large ring is not beautiful. But nothing is less true. A large ring fits every type of hand. You just have to experience what embellishes your hand and what doesn't.
Gold is a color that is always in fashion and represents luxury, wealth and success. It is a color associated with the sun, which means warmth and positivity. Gold has long been used as a means of payment and decoration.
Jewelry trends spring summer 2023
Spring and summer 2023 are coming again and then we'd like to take a look at what's coming our way in terms of clothing and jewelry. Is it subdued because people thought a recession was coming or is it allowed to splash, precisely because the recession has not yet materialized? Some trends coming up!
Photography Thierry Shut
She was always creative, 'but you can't make money with art,' she said. And so Danielle Looije ultimately opted for a career in the advertising world. But after her second burnout, she decided to change course.
Colorful handmade jewelry
Jewelry is the perfect way to complete your look and add a personal touch. But how do you know which color jewelry suits you best?
Christmas gifts jewelry webshop
Many people like to give. Beautifully wrapped presents for family or friends. Yet sometimes it is also good to give yourself a gift, even if it seems a bit strange at first. The question why you would do that will arise in many people's minds. Still, there are certainly legitimate reasons why you should also give yourself a gift now and then.
Jewelry for valentine
The origin of Valentine's Day, sending something to the unknown but beloved love, is now far to be found. For loved ones, it's the time to do something sweet. And although you can of course do that every day, such a special day gives something extra.
Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. The British psychologist Cliff Arnall came up with this in 2005. The only question is, did this just sprout from the brain of this psychologist or does it also contain some truth?
Choice stress holidays
It is said that many people, to a greater or lesser extent, have to deal with choice overload. During the holidays, more than 50% of people seem to suffer from choice overload. What exactly is choice overload, what can trigger the choice overload and how do you prevent yourself from running into choice overload?
Earrings with star rain
Timeless and elegant. Words that perfectly match the color silver. Where colors such as gold, rose gold and bronze are more sensitive to trends, silver is a stable factor. Silver is a classic color. 
Gold ring with pet ashes
This customer had found me on Google and called me to ask, can you make a stone with ashes in an heirloom - inherited from grandma? This is not a question to which I can answer yes or no straight away. It depends on the material, the size and the edge where the stone has to go, in this case my stones fit perfectly and the edge of the bezel was high enough to put the stone with ashes in it.
Which jewelry suits my personality
You've probably heard it in your life: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This statement is soooo true! Even if sometimes we wish we didn't.
No dull jewelry
I've been involved for a while when it comes to the internet and targeted searching and finding or being found. I also look very closely at keywords. The more specifically I enter this, the greater the chance that I will meet people who are looking for jewelry or other art that I make.
The jewelry I make for my customers often has a special story. Vinanda came to my studio once and made a choice that she will enjoy for the rest of her life!
Which color suits your eyes
Not infrequently, only the color of the eyes is taken into account with make-up. But jewelry and clothing can also emphasize an eye color or make it fade. How do you make the right choices when it comes to eye color in combination with clothing and jewelry?


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