1 pair of earring lifters

1 pair of earring lifters

"lift 'em up"
Give your earrings the perfect lift with earring lifters!

 2,95 -  9,95


Stainless steel, Sterling silver, Silicone


Earring Lifter

Are you also so in love with your earrings, but are you annoyed that they tilt forward? Earring lifters offer the perfect solution! With these lifters you can easily replace the back of your earrings and your earring will get the lift it needs.

The lifters are available in stainless steel, silicone and sterling silver, making them both stylish and comfortable. The hypoallergenic material of the stainless steel lifters makes them suitable for everyone, regardless of your skin type.

Thanks to these earring lifters, you no longer have to worry about heavier earrings hanging out of your ear or buttons that are positioned incorrectly. From now on, your earrings will stay in the right place all day, just the way you want them.

Order our earring lifters now and give your earrings the perfect lift!

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