Colorful subtle ring with denim blue stone

Colorful subtle ring with denim blue stone

Ocean Horizon
Go for a colorful touch with this subtle ring! The denim blue stone makes this ring a real eye-catcher.


Enrich your jewelry collection with this beautiful 'Oceanic Horizon' ring. The subtle, adjustable women's ring features a handmade denim blue stone that makes this ring a real eye-catcher. The colorful stone is made with love and craftsmanship by artist Daan, making each ring unique. The ring is suitable from size 16 and fits almost every finger. Wear this ring for any occasion, from a fancy dinner to a casual day out. The colorful touch of this 'Oceanic Horizon' ring will undoubtedly impress!

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Daan's jewelery can withstand a splash, but do you want to keep it beautiful for longer? Then take them off during exercise, showering and sleeping. Watch out with chemicals (for example from perfume or cleaning products). 

First of all, it is important to know that there are different sizes all over the world. In the Netherlands we mostly work with the size of the inner diameter of a ring. So what you can do is measure an existing ring. 

The circumference of your finger is also often used, you can measure this by taking a piece of string, wrapping it around your finger and measuring its size, this method is not really suitable for measuring your precise ring size. Use a ring sizer.

When using a ring sizer, it is important that you can still slide the ring sizer over your knuckles.

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About Daan

As an artist I am always looking for creatively varied challenges and everything that is outside the ordinary. My specialty is versatility, because routine kills my creativity.

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