Subtle red bracelet with red stone


Subtle red bracelet with red stone

'Coral Glimpse'
This beautiful leather bracelet is chic and subtle because real leather has been used. The stone is a hand-painted glass stone and therefore 100% unique. The metal is nickel free.  



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Daan's jewelery can withstand a splash, but do you want to keep it beautiful for longer? Then take them off during exercise, showering and sleeping. Watch out with chemicals (for example from perfume or cleaning products). 

The bracelet sizes from Art by Daan are the sizes of the bracelet itself and not of your wrist. The easiest way to measure a bracelet you already own.

Don't have a bracelet yet? Then you need a tape measure. Measure your wrist, loosen the tape measure to the size you have your bracelet white and voilà, there is your bracelet size!

About Daan

As an artist I am always looking for creatively varied challenges and everything that is outside the ordinary. My specialty is versatility, because routine kills my creativity.

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