Nickel-free earrings, the solution for earring allergies

You know the feeling... You bought really cool earrings, nickel-free, but STILL get a rash. That's frustrating, those earrings can now go in the trash, because you can't wear them. Some people can handle nickel-free earrings just fine, but there is a portion that still get irritation despite the earrings being nickel-free.

When I was a child, I tried various things, for example, a layer of nail polish. All fun experiments, but in the end, I always ended up with red itchy ears. At one point I just stopped buying cute earrings and only wore silver earrings.


Allergy free earrings


Until I started making handmade jewelry 15 years later. Of course, my allergy came around the corner again. The convenient thing is, I can test my jewelry myself. This is how I found out, for example, that the legislation on nickel has been tightened. Where I used to be able to wear earrings for not even half an hour, I can now wear them for at least half a day without really getting any trouble. But for me, that was not enough, because I was constantly paying attention to whether my earrings had to come out and I would often get a rash.

Should I make silver earrings then? Then I came across the following problem, because all the fun nickel-free things were not available in silver. Everything that was silver plated had the same effect as the nickel-free earrings: rash. So I bought separate silver ear hooks, which I could replace and added an option in my webshop to choose other ear hooks for your earrings.


I then received questions from customers if I had anything else because they were allergic to silver. That can also happen. That's because silver is a soft metal by itself, so usually 7,5% copper is added. I stumbled upon stainless steel, also known as noble metal. I was rather skeptical, but I was lucky enough to be able to test it myself. And wow! I wore them for one day, no problem, I wore them for two days, no problem. This way I could wear stainless steel earrings for days in a row without even a single itch or red spot.

Besides being hypoallergenic, stainless steel is also a nice material because it does not discolor and is not as soft as silver.

Because I am so enthusiastic about this material I have a special category created in my webshop for stainless steel earrings and with all earrings that are simply nickel-free, I have added the option to choose stainless steel or silver ear hooks, so that you can also wear these earrings. Handy, right?

Stainless steel earrings

If you get itchy / red ears from earrings, there is a good chance that you have an allergy. A solution for this would be to switch to a different type of metal or to replace your ear hooks with anti-allergy ear hooks made of stainless steel, Silver or Titanium.

If you have sensitive ears, you don't necessarily have an allergy. For example, if you are not used to heavy earrings, your ears may itch when you put in heavy earrings. Do you get a rash/itch with the smallest earrings? Then you probably have a nickel allergy and it is best to switch to earrings made of stainless steel, silver, titanium or gold.

These are metals that do not contain nickel. You can think of stainless steel, titanium, silver or gold. There is also nickel white gold, you can also wear this metal because in this metal the nickel is surrounded by gold.

Do you get an itch or rash from silver earrings? Then see if you can replace your ear hooks with stainless steel or titanium ear hooks. This metal resembles silver and is hypoallergenic, so you can still wear your earrings.

  • stainless steel or stainless steel
  • silver
  • copper
  • platen
  • titanium
  • plastic
  • 14, 18 or 24 karat gold

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Danielle Looy

I am a jewelry designer specialized in colorful and unique jewelry. I only work with high quality materials. My mission is to make women shine with the colors that suit them. View my colorful jewelry.

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Danielle Looy

I am a jewelry designer specialized in colorful and unique jewelry. I only work with high quality materials. My mission is to make women shine with the colors that suit them. View my colorful jewelry.