Ash bracelet -Woman / dog / silver / with ash space / ash charm / men / child / grandfather / grandmother / father / mother / deceased / Lovingly, commemorated with this special handmade ashes bracelet
Special white gold ash ring of the deceased
3 rings fused into 1 ring

Do you always want to carry your deceased loved one with you? Perhaps having a special ashes jewelry made is something for you. Dan forge unique ashes jewelry with ashes of the deceased with hand-painted stones. You can choose to have the ashes incorporated into your jewelry visibly or invisibly.

Unique ashes of the deceased

Together we can choose a piece of art that symbolized the life of your loved one or your band. If that person was spiritual, choose purple, for example. Or did you always go to the beach together? Then maybe blue with sand color is a nice combination. In any case, with a unique jewelry you always carry your loved one with you.

Melting down jewelry from a loved one

If you think it's a crazy idea to carry the ashes of a loved one with you, you might also consider collecting old jewelry from a loved one and melting it down to make something new out of it. Read more about melting down old jewelry in this article.

Horsehair jewelry

In addition to ashes, hair can also be used in a piece of jewelry, such as horse hair or dog hair. This can be incorporated visibly or invisibly in the jewelry.

Gold ring with pet ashes
This customer had found me on Google and called me to ask, can you make a stone with ashes in an heirloom - inherited from grandma? This is not a question to which I can answer yes or no straight away. It depends on the material, the size and the edge where the stone has to go, in this case my stones fit perfectly and the edge of the bezel was high enough to put the stone with ashes in it.
Heirlooms are very dear to most people and when they break after all these years, it is often very sad. Sometimes people choose to melt jewelry into something new
Danielle Korpershoek
More and more often I get the request to process the ashes of a deceased loved one in a piece of jewelry. I think that is a very honorable assignment, to which I devote a lot of time and attention. Such a piece of jewelry always has a special story. That also applies to the ring that Daniëlle Korpershoek had made for me.
Special pendants with ashes
I made these special pendants with ashes for mother and daughter. They both chose their favorite color to use for the stainless steel pendants. The ashes are processed between a hand-painted work of art and a glass stone, so the ashes are also visible, but no one will immediately recognize it as ashes.
3 rings fused into 1 ring
This assignment was very special! The customer came with three wedding rings from an inheritance from which she wanted one new commemorative ring for herself with the ashes processed in her own favorite colors.
Hollow shaft ring
How nice is it to be able to carry that person with you after the loss of a loved one, without anyone else noticing?
Special white gold ash ring of the deceased
No one can make up for the loss of a loved one. And more than ever, in these difficult times, that is something we are becoming aware of.
Unique ring with ashes of a loved one
It was just a search for how I could process the ashes in my jewelry in a special way, it seemed a crazy idea to process the ashes separately under the stone.
Ash bracelet - Special, handmade jewelry with Ashes from loved ones such as people, but also dogs and cats or rather an Ash charm bracelet, please feel free to contact us
The first thought when I was asked if I wanted to make a bracelet with ashes of a deceased person was not very enthusiastic. I thought it was a scary idea, but I had never really thought about it before.


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